Welcome to the new and improved Newschoolers store! Stay tuned for more products coming this fall, in the meantime check out the 2014 Yearbook...

It’s been a year since we made our first magazine - skiing’s first crowd-sourced, community-based publication. We set out to reinvent the way print media portrays skiing; we turned control over to our passionate community and left the editorial choices with the popular vote. The success of the 2013 edition proved the concept, and we’re proud to announce the return of the Newschoolers Yearbook in 2014.

So we’re back.  We’re back with another 100 pages filled with the best skiing content on the internet, from interviews and features to photos to discussions on the state of the industry, sourced directly from the Newschoolers community. We know that the most passionate, creative and talented skiers use Newschoolers as their window onto the world of skiing, and we could not be more proud to showcase their talents.

The Newschoolers Yearbook is a collector’s piece, something that both the casual fan and the hardcore user can enjoy.  It is an almanac on the year that was, with every beef, every celebration, every moment of skiing history captured as it unfolded, and held for posterity. This year, the Yearbook will be available through our redesigned online store and we want to give our fans the opportunity to include their name, in print, in this year’s magazine.  The Newschoolers community is made up of thousands of individual voices and we want to recognize that, and show just how many skiers call themselves Newschoolers. Please note that preorders will be shipping October 10th.