2013 Yearbook Q&A

The Yearbook came about as an idea to honor the quality of that content by using it to create a printed piece that truly represents what’s going on in the minds of skiers everywhere. We wanted you to experience the joy that comes with seeing your own content in a permanent and physical format. Great skiing stories are told on the website every single day, but it’s easy to miss some of them in the fast-moving pace of the web. The Yearbook gives us a chance to immortalize some of those stories for all time by packaging them into one of the oldest forms of media that exists.

Without further ado, we present you the 2013 Newschoolers Yearbook

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So is it just pictures? Or exerted quotes from awesome threads? Or the OP-ED pieces from the news section? I really don't get what besides pictures could translate into a mag format. -t_rob

JM: It’ll be a mix of all the top content from across Newschoolers. Pictures, videos, threads, news articles, and more. There’s one brand new 8-page feature, which was written by the year’s top long form journalist -- determined by ratings. He was given free rein to write about whatever he wanted to.

DB: Here’s the thing - in aggregate the content on Newschoolers is just a gigantic mass of shit. It’s very hard to stay on top of, and it flows like crazy every single day. You need to remember that we put in a granular and accurate ratings system everywhere so that we could skim a tiny bit off of the top of that. Sure, a forum thread as a whole isn’t necessarily good, but only the top rated posts out of an interesting 12 pager - following threading - can end up as a balanced, heated debate between athletes, industry types and intelligent members. Newschoolers literally has hundreds of thousands of content pieces added, take less than 100 pieces out of this pool and you’d be shocked at how cool to finished product turned out.

How are you determining the qualifications for "user uploaded content?" Will orange names be ineligible? Are there any steps you're taking to ensure there is a diverse sampling from all the contributions that have been made to NS and not just large chunks from certain individuals? -CaptainObvious.

DB: We did our best to try and get diversity into the system, but as much as was humanly possible we stuck to the mathematics. There are some clusterings of certain people who busted their ass for content last year, and yes a couple of guys have a heavy amount in there. However, the fact was that we wanted to stick to the math more than we wanted to force balance. This way, the system is more fair in the end. Remember too that to make this a good magazine, we had to make some editorial decisions, grammatical editing, photo ordering, etc. We assembled people who were top rated out of the various categories and used them to make the decisions. The whole thing is based 95% on mathematics so in the end fairness is had.

JM: And no, both orange, red, and green members are eligible to contribute to the magazine.

Centerfolds??? -JAHBRADOR

JM: Unfortunately not for this issue -- but it’s definitely something we will look into doing if there’s a demand. With that being said, it doesn’t really fit with the style of magazine.

DB: Yeah, the bottom line was that we put a huge amount of money into the paperstock of the book. We wanted the whole thing to be high quality, so we weren’t able to have the big fold out stuff as well as that. Every page in the thing is easily framable though, we really didn’t cheap out on the quality.

How do i get it in Europe? -JAHBRADOR

JM: It’s as simple as buying a copy in the Newschoolers Store.

How will you ensure young and non-established NSers don't get steamrolled by users on the site already considered professionals in their field? -CaptainObvious.

JM: That’s a very loaded question! I’d have to hear your definition of “professional” before commenting any further. Technically speaking though, we have zero power over what does or doesn’t make it into the magazine -- that’s 100% determined by how members rated content.

DB: As much as possible we want Newschoolers to be a level playing field. This is the entire reason that we scrapped the ability to force content up to the top by even our own staff - we want equal opportunity for someone starting out just as much as someone who is a seasoned pro. As Jason said though, you actually have to be able to make good enough content, as lots of times the pros simply are better which is why they get voted up. Not all the time though, and if the people like what you do then you shall make it.

What happened to the online magazine 2 years ago that only had two issues? -africanwarlord

DB: The bottom line with that is consumers, advertisers and our own staff don’t want a digital magazine. The experience of a magazine is supposed to involve a paper book that you hold and smell. Translating that directly to a tablet sucks, and you basically end up with non-dynamic content that has no emotional connection with you. If we were doing another take at the ‘digital mag’ experience, it would simply be a tablet-enhanced version of Newschoolers. In my belief, as soon as the tablet is involved if it isn’t dynamic you’re completely fucking missing the point. Print that shit, and make it all hipster and collectable - like buying Vinyl of your favorite band.

Will there be content that we haven't seen online in the mag? -FredyFerl

JM: Yes! There are a few ‘house’ pages (Editor’s note, Contribute, Contents, Masthead, etc.) along with a fresh 8-page feature written by the top long form journalist of the prior year -- determined by ratings. This journalist was given complete control over what to write about.

DB: When we sat around thinking about what was going to make this cool, and also what would be the biggest honor to bestow upon the best writer on the site, we realized that nothing would do better than a feature all of their own. We specifically only used long-format, original articles to calculate the score and our leaders were in a tight race… but one stood out on top. We felt that this would be something that could be a huge honor every year, and something that would allow journalists to really rip open an issue of their choosing. In my mind, someone that is consistently popular on Newschoolers is capable of creating something that we all care about.

Is the content magazine-exclusive, or will it be on NS first? -Eastcoastjibber

JM: Generally speaking, the only way for you to contribute to the magazine is by uploading your content to Newschoolers and getting it upvoted. There were one or two exceptions that were made with photos, but these were done only to supplement other content (ie, news articles, videos, the feature, etc.)

DB: The idea here is that we’re making this magazine as a community. So for the hardcore NS’er - its a collectors piece. Its something you get to commemorate the best stuff that happened on the site over the last year. For everyone else, it will actually be a cool way of getting the 12-month highlights. What people don’t think about is how fast stuff moves on NS. Unless you’re one of our users that averages 30 visits per day, there’s a huge chance you missed a ton of stuff. We work together as a community to decide what stories, what images, what videos and what discussions are the best, and in the end we now can publish this out to the world.

Essentially NS is now a gigantic democratic editorial staff.

Are you hoping for this to become a recurring publication? And if so, how often? -CaptainObvious

DB: I’m not sure I would ever think that its a good idea to move to six issues in today’s day and age. The fact is that today, print media is still king in Skiing. The attention, the respect and the dollars go there. However, I can’t help but feel that the whole thing is going in a somewhat similar direction to the music industry. The big print brands are killer, but they’re the equivalent of the owners of HMV. You might be killing it, but be careful about what the future brings. Nowadays in music, you’d much prefer to own iTunes, but there’s still money to be made in killer, collectable, high-cost vinyl shops. People will pay a premium to have a collectable physical copy of something they truly love, but they don’t want to just get rammed full of physical crap from the days of old.

So yeah sure, if you want six issues we could have them. I even know how we’d do it, and it’d be the coolest fucking thing ever to hit the media landscape. However, I think its a terrible idea and that what we need to do is focus on making an ultra kickass website, where we work as a community to publish one masterpiece per year that shatters the foundations of everything we know about media. I want you guys all on the 30th anniversary of Newschoolers to show off your special shelf where you have every yearbook released for the last 16 years laid out in meticulous order, protected from dust and immortalized in memories of the best times we’ve all had together. What I don’t want is to blast your mailbox full with garbage and find out its all sitting on the back of the toilet for a few weeks fighting with your smartphone for pooping time before making it directly into the recycling bin.

Will there be spell and grammar check for the threads? -RileySnyderPhoto

JM: Trust me -- many keyboards were thrown out the window when copy editing various threads and news articles. With that being said, we definitely did our best to keep the members’ voice intact while cleaning up the spelling and grammar.

DB: Hahahahhaha…. yes. It became apparent early on into building this thing that we needed to make a good magazine product for it to be successful and enjoyable to read. Editing proved to be quite necessary. :)

Will the first issue contain a full transcript of the chads gap thread? -Wskier

JM: You’ll have to pick one up and see for yourself!

With articles for the mag, how many are planned(are they planned?), are topics already determined? Could a member write an article (assuming it was to standard),submit, and try their luck? -leith

JM: Since this was the first time doing this, nothing was really planned out. We definitely had various plans during different points of productions, but generally they got burned and we were forced to go back to the drawing board. We really wanted to ensure the final piece would be something we’d be proud of… and I think we’ve achieved that.

DB:Replace “submit” with “upload” and the answer is yes! It’s less about less though, and more about quality content and the ability to share it with the rest of the community.

Say a member wants to get his photography in the next issue. what should they know about how content is selected? And how can anyone, even if they choose not to upload content, play a role in what makes the cut? -1337

JM: It's pretty simple: Upload great content, share it, get it upvoted, make it into the top rated content of the year, profit.

Best way to play a part in the magazine if you’re not uploading media or generating discussions? Share and upvote the stuff that you love and want to see make the cut!

DB: The key point again is that we need to make this thing as a community… and this thing is a representation of what we do online as a community. So you can either upload your stuff and just participate at the high level, or you can join into the Photographers cult and we’ll really open up the debate of the philosophy of the photography section of Newschoolers. We want to work with the community to implement suggestions that will help produce the type of photo section that we all want. Our plan is to have total transparency on this thing and really work on it with everyone included in the discussion that wants to be.

Can we put videos in the magazine? -DowntoFilm

JM: Yes -- and I challenge you to try and make the cut next year!

What will be the standards for idiocy and imitation of gang culture? -Brobomb

DB: The main problem here is that I really wanted a ton of idiocy, imitation and gang culture. I was really hoping we could put out the shitty, glossy, busy and stupid magazine everyone wanted… but sadly the community actually seems to really vote up quality content and that was all that made the cut. I think the biggest disappointment initially people are going to have when they see it is that its good, not stupid, funny and immature.

JM: We tried to establish standards, only to realize rules suck.

Will there be a historical timeline of famous and momentous points in freeskiing and ns in the first issue? -midwestpowhunter

JM: Nope, but that’s a great idea for a news article! *cough* I’ll upvote it *cough*

DB: ^^this.

Say one of our pics make it, how much is the payout on average? -NCSKI24

This is the rates at the moment -- please note that these are NOT final.

Cover: 1000

Double Page Spread: 350

Single: 175

Half: 75

< ½: 25

But what if the highest rated photo (which i assume would be the cover photo, as long is it wasn’t a meme or something stupid), was also the cover photo of Freeskier, Powder, etc? -gpitcher

JM: The highest rated photo won’t necessarily be the cover photo. Like Doug mentioned in a previous answer, we had to make some editorial and design decisions. This year the highest rated photo was actually too low res to work as a cover, so we had to look at alternate options. Note to photographers of NS -- always shoot RAW!

We also want the cover photo to be a good representation of the sport and Newschoolers, while still being something that will catch your eye on newsstands.

DB: This was a lot of internal debate TBH. That is part of establishing the Yearbook committee out of the best contributors, there are some decisions that we have to make in order to ensure its a quality product. As well as Jason mentioned, we didn’t want to make the top photo the cover necessarily, the cover has to fit as a cover and when you’re looking at everything you realize this is something the math doesn’t necessarily say. I’d also doubt that one of those publications would grant the rights to re-print a cover, so it might be a moot point. We do afterall have to get the rights from photographers to print this stuff. :)

There’s a few things that break up the Math of it all, which is why we need to have the YB committee in place. It was a learning experience, but stay tuned for how we’re handling putting it together next year. You’ll definitely want to be a part of it.

Whats the timeline for this? When will we be able to buy one? -James7

JM: You can pre-order your copy today in the NS Store.

DB: And it launches on newsstands across North America on November 5th. The more of you that head out and buy this thing in person the better. Plus, you get to see your photos, buddies, words, etc out in the wild… which is cool. I wanna see some instagrams of people with Yearbooks out on the actual newsstands. There’s just something so… legit about that.

Will you give me a job? -Tw1nk1s

JM: Maybe if you earn it -- but your good content and upvotes from the community can definitely get you paid!

DB: Being on the YB Committee next year will be a temporarily paid position. So think of it like a position in politics… you can get elected into a job. As Jason said too, there’s plenty of ways to make some coin off of all parts of our system.

All we want to know is, will there be at least one hot girl on skis in each issue? -ParkoverPow

JM: The power is in the hands of the community…

DB: http://www.newschoolers.com/ns/forums/readthread/thread_id/752135/

Any more info about how the content in the mag will be chosen, like what will be the role of the community? Like would really every content on NS will have the chance to be in the mag? -migli

JM: If you were to compare it to your typical magazine, you could replace “submit” to “upload” and “editor” to “community”. Anything that is uploaded to Newschoolers.com has the chance to make it into the magazine -- which is solely curated by member ratings.

So people will be buying this based on nostalgia and reflection? -hemlockjibber8

JM: I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I would buy this because it’s a badass, collectable, crowdsourced, community curated, piece of ski history.

DB: In an earlier question I went into this a bit. There will be two types of people buying this - one is the Loyal NSer that buys it because of nostalgia, reflection and collectability. The other will be an average person that is actually kind of interested in the super quick version of 12 months of Newschoolers. Those people we’re creating a magazine for as a community.

Will the entirety of top rated threads (comments and all) be included? -hemlockjibber8

JM: Nope -- we made editorial decisions concerning which comments were going to be included, if any.

DB: This is a big reason we launched post voting within threads. We looked at conversation threading and top rated posts within threads when we were putting them together. When you look at forum threads on Newschoolers by top rated and threaded, its actually pretty intelligent debate. Most of you downbomb the living shit out of all the stupid stuff.

What if a Freeskier.com article gets top rated? Is it a complicated process to use their work for profit? -hemlockjibber8

DB: Yes, we do not have the rights to simply reproduce 3rd party content. We also felt that it would give an unfair advantage to those who are writing for pay at other media over the journalists who have committed their time and energy to assisting with news on Newschoolers. We really want to foster that group as much as possible, and begin to give them opportunities everywhere to grow. What the remote articles can do is count towards you becoming an established Journalist on Newschoolers, which could give you some opportunities to know your writing is good and develop a following. This could help in your inclusion next year if you take the step to start writing on Newschoolers.

All that being said, I would actually have zero problems printing articles from other media sources. However, most of them are so guarded about their content they don’t even share it on the site when we fully send the visitor right back to them. So I imagine that we’d have to get a little less fear of us going in order to be able to actually showcase their content in the Yearbook. If anyone is reading this, I’m completely open to it as long as we can establish a structure and get you participating.

It's would be dope if you put like a different poster in each one. And like stickers. But only for a like "premium" subscription. -Brandon.S

DB: If you guys like this product the fucking future is a completely wide open place of massive opportunity. If this goes well, we can do absolutely anything we want. Hell we could release a whole mag full of posters if there was demand for it.

JM: All mag pre-orders through the NS Store will come with Newschoolers stickers!

Is this paper mag? -MiniMeDanny

JM: Yes. Not your typical paper mag though. We went with large format, high quality paper.

DB: We also will not be releasing a digital version. Personally, I feel that the digital version is a waste of time, as you’ve already seen all the content on Newschoolers. I’d rather put the effort into improving the display of our content on tablets as opposed to going through everything necessary to push copies out through the Apple marketplace.

Of course, if enough of you flip out I’ll probably fold. :)

This better be available in Canada. -Will*z

JM: You know it!

Price Point? I just skimmed the thread and I might've missed it. -Parrish

On Newsstands

7.99$ /// USA

8.99$ /// Canada

Pre-order in the NS Store

7.99$ /// Yearbook + Newschoolers Sticker Pack /// BUY

9.99$ /// Yearbook + Big Newschoolers Sticker Pack /// BUY

14.99$ /// Yearbook + MASSIVE Newschoolers Sticker Pack /// BUY

24.99$ /// Yearbook Buddy Package [4 mags + Stickers] /// BUY

24.99$ /// Yearbook Essentials [Mag + Tshirt + Stickers] /// BUY

49.99$ /// The 2013 Yearbook Gold Coin Package [Gold Coin + Yearbook + Stickers] /// BUY

99.99$ /// Yearbook Ski Boss Package [4 mags + 2 Tshirts + 2 Caps + Stickers] /// BUY

Canadian only deals in the NS Store

11.99 /// Yearbook + Newschoolers Sticker Pack /w free shipping/// BUY

13.99 /// Yearbook + Big Newschoolers Sticker Pack /w free shipping/// BUY

18.99 /// Yearbook + MASSIVE Newschoolers Sticker Pack /w free shipping/// BUY

Note that all prices are in USD and do not include shipping, unless otherwise stated.

OP How much advertising is there going to be? The more advertising the less it costs so either way I'm happy, but I'm just curious. -Magnus

DB: We REALLY wanted this to not be completely chock-full of ads. On Newschoolers we don’t dedicate 50% of the screen real-estate to ads, and we wanted that vibe to carry over. Too many mags absolutely lambaste you with advertising at every step of the way, and this product is more than that. We specifically set a hard limit on advertising pages, and reached out only to select partners that we thought would be a good fit.We wanted brands that believed in Newschoolers, and believed in this project so that overall it would be a fit. Once the ad pages were gone, we shut it down and didn’t sell any more so that we could give you the best experience possible.

Of course as you mention, this is reflected in the sticker price of the mag. The thing is, we went way overboard on making sure that the print quality of this thing was absolutely top notch, so its worth the extra investment. Balance is key, and again I feel this ties into the future of the printed magazine.

JM: We came in under 30 pages this issue, and plan to keep that the standard. It’s also important to note that we worked hand in hand with a lot of advertisers to make sure the final ad reflected what we were trying to do and fit with the overall design of the mag.

What about threads? Would it be possible to get the top rated threads OP and some of the top rated comments in there? I think that would be pretty funny. Sounds like you guys have a plan though. Just wondering if this is part of it in any way. -One.2

JM: Definitely! Sometimes we chose the best comments, sometimes we chose the most relevant or controversial, and sometimes we didn’t use any at all. We didn’t want to create strict guidelines about what does or doesn’t get used.

Holy shit this would be amazing. This would actually motivate me to be a productive, positive member. My question: Member Q and A's? -Bradypodidae

JM: Yup! But only because some of them were the top rated eligible content.

DB: This is entirely the idea. We’re making this thing as a community, so the more you contribute the better the quality gets in the end. The site will be better, the mag will be better and skiing will be a better place. There’s a million awesome stories, photos, discussions and videos in the smaller parts of the world that absolutely should be shown. You’re completely in control of that now.

Will this be a magazine be monthly, weekly, whats the deal? And will it be something we can subscribe to? -BBurt

JM: At the moment it’s annual. We won’t be offering subscriptions at the moment, but it’s definitely something we’re looking at implementing in the future. The best way to support the magazine is to simply pick up a copy -- whether it be on newsstands or in the NS Store -- and if you enjoy it, let people know!

Are you gonna do some other cool stuff like lifite of the month? That would be dope. -GrahamGould

JM: We have some ideas for the upcoming winter. It’ll be up to the community to upvote it into the mag though!

I'm interested in what the company sponsor options are going to be? can companies pay to get full page adds? small side bar adds like on ns? I do see a spot for videos in this, maybe top rated videos for the time period the magazine covers get a page where the links are all available bellow them so people can have a list of the best edits. video thumbnails are usually sick so it would visually look good on a page as well. I see this goin huge! keep up the good work. - BlackSam

DB: Absolutely!

JM: Yes -- companies were able to purchase single or double page ads only though.

Who's on your magazine design team? -Say_When

JM: Crésus Design and Communications. They kill it and do the majority of the design work for NS.

Will there be a subscription available, and how many issues are you thinking per year? -SAMmyPUTnam

JM: Not at the moment. We’re currently producing one per year.

Will you have Ask Brad and Stunt of the month? Or will you kowtow to sponsors like every other mag? -Fairview

JM: No Ask Brad or Stunt of the month. We have zero power in controlling what goes into the magazine -- so no, we will not kowtow to sponsors, like every other mag.

DB: I think the reason that building this as a community works is that it’s complete insurance against any sort of bro factor that can come into the situation. There’s lots of publications out there that put a huge amount of effort into their journalism, and do everything they possibly can to separate church and state with Editorial and Advertising. I know it’s possible, but what I like is we’re literally completely blocked and powerless to do that. It’s the same logic as why we shifted to the vote-based homepage… I don’t want to be able to tell you what is cool. I want to be able to give my opinion, and then you vote on whether you decide what I suggested is cool or not. Having 200,000 editors on the magazine is going to go a long way to ensure that there is no bias whatsoever.

I've got a question then, when will you be releasing the q&a? -Sklar

JM: Right now.

Who worked on the magazine? -joris.blanc

I’ll post a photo of the Masthead as soon as possible! In the meantime, here’s the edit staff:

Publisher: Doug Bishop

Editor & Photo Editor: Jason Mousseau

Art Direction & Design: Cresus Design and Communications

Associate Editor: Ethan Stone

Copy Editor: Dan Brown

Additional Help: Jamie Walter, Mike Rogge, Evan Heath

If we have photos in it, do we still have to buy a copy? -Sklar

Yes and no. It's complicated. We were only able to ship a small amount directly from the printer free of charge, and a lot of these copies went to people who helped out with putting together magazine, advertisers, select shops, a handful of contributors, etc. You may be on that list -- but you'll have to wait and find out.

With that being said, we did increase overall payouts by a decent amount in order to alleviate the cost of having to pickup the magazine in the store. So in the end you'll actually be making a little extra cash than we originally had planned.

The best way to support the magazine, our content creation programs, and Newschoolers as a whole, is to pickup a copy in the store or our newsstands -- and if you like it -- let people know.

And what picture got the cover of it? -joris.blanc

JM: Adrian Pougiales by Brian Burger… Who can guess the location?

DB: This was literally the craziest decision ever. We endlessly toiled over what photo was going to get the cover. We had one (Forster Meeks Dairy Center) that we really wanted to do a huge wrap-around treatment with… but sadly it wasn’t shot in high enough quality. (LPT: Always shoot RAW).

We had a ton of other candidates too, but this one really caught our attention. Its funny, because in a way you wouldn’t really associate this as a Newschoolers shot… but in another way its almost the most perfect fit possible. Not only is he simply having a blast, it also represents the free and fun lifestyle that this whole thing is supposed to be about. Instead of some thugged-out urban rail that most people would have expected, I think more true to the core of the community is the love, passion and stoke about simply going skiing. What better than a backflip over a classic road gap than that to represent that emotion?

Plus… he doesn’t have poles.

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